The decision to separate from a spouse or common law partner is a big one. A separation often involves major changes: from where you live, to how you parent, to your financial picture.

A consultation with a family law lawyer early on can:

  • explain your rights and responsibilities;
  • assist you in avoiding unnecessary conflict;
  • help you create a realistic plan to move forward;
  • let you know if the lawyer’s values and skills will work for you; and
  • save you from expensive mistakes.

Every marriage and relationship is different, and every client learns different things in that initial consultation. I have had clients learn:

  • that she has a good understanding of the issues and is on the right track in terms of discussions with the spouse;
  • that a particular process (e.g. collaborative law or mediation) is likely to work best for the client and his spouse;
  • that if the client and spouse can have a healthy discussion about some of the issues in the relationship, they might decide to stay together;
  • in some cases that one of my colleagues is better suited to assist with the particular issues and why; and
  • tips for making the separation process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Most initial consultations last an hour or two and are time and money well spent.


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