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Separation is difficult enough. Your lawyer should facilitate solutions and not add to your problems. I offer patient and responsive representation and clear advice about your rights and responsibilities when a relationship ends.

I believe that most family law clients benefit when the legal issues arising from separation and divorce are resolved in the most collaborative, amicable and efficient manner possible. I also help clients to negotiate marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements.

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Legal Process Options

Relationships are all different. Clients need different kinds of help with their family matters.

Some couples have agreed on many things and need help “papering” their agreement. In that case I can draft a separation agreement or domestic contract, or provide you with independent legal advice (“ILA”) if your spouse’s lawyer did the drafting.

Some couples are going to mediation and my client needs some advice before or during that process, or needs ILA once the mediator has prepared a draft separation agreement.

Some couples need help with the negotiation. I can coach you through some of the discussions, or carry out the discussions with your spouse’s lawyer.

I recommend the collaborative process when there are many moving parts. In the collaborative process you and your spouse each have a collaboratively trained lawyer to advise and assist you. We use family professionals and financial professionals to make the process and negotiation more efficient and productive. We are all committed to a respectful process that recognizes that you are beginning a new and different chapter as a family.

Settlement Focused Family Law Services in Ottawa

I am a family lawyer in Ottawa, Ontario. I provide my clients with reliable advice about their family matters and about the processes available to negotiate and resolve any issues. I offer a no charge 15 minute telephone call so that you can tell me about your matter and decide if we might work well together. Call or email to arrange.

Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is a legally binding document that contains the terms of settlement reached by you and your ex.

Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract

Often referred to as “pre-nup” or a domestic contract, a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement sets out terms that you and your partner agree should apply if your relationship ends.


Personalized solutions and advocate for your interests to achieve a fair and amicable resolution to your divorce case. A divorce is required if a party wants to re-marry.


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